Dr. Eric Tedford Introduces REGEV HBX for Pecan Scab Control

In this new video, Summit Agro USA R&D manager Dr. Eric Tedford provides a brief introduction to REGEV HBX and the advantages it offers pecans growers for effective pecan scab control. Watch now to see how the unique chemistry of the tea tree oil in REGEV HBX works to deliver remarkable preventive, anti-sporulant and curative control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens. Dr. Tedford also goes over performance data from recent field trials which demonstrate the excellent scab control offered by REGEV HBX.

REGEV HBX is a new hybrid fungicide uniting the disease fighting power of botanical and conventional chemistries. Specially tailored to the needs of pecan producers, REGEV HBX combines tea tree oil and difenoconazole for preventive, anti-sporulant and double kick-back curative control of fungal and bacterial disease via eight mechanisms of activity.

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Always read and follow label directions.

REGEV HBX fungicide may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status.

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