REGEV Hybrid Fungicide Awarded “Overall BioAgriculture Solution of the Year”

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REGEV Hybrid Fungicide was awarded “Overall BioAgriculture Solution of the Year” at the 3rd Annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards Program held in Los Angeles. Hosted by the market intelligence group BioTech Breakthrough, the awards honor cutting-edge biotechnology solutions from companies around the world.

At the ceremony, REGEV Hybrid Fungicide was recognized as being among the latest biotech innovations “that address a true need, solve a complex or critical problem, or seize an opportunity and create or revolutionize a new market or industry.” Furthermore, REGEV earned the title “Overall BioAgriculture Solution of the Year” after it was judged for excellence in six key criteria: innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value and impact.

The win is well deserved. The ingenuity of REGEV lies in its ground-breaking combination of biological and conventional chemistries for crop disease control, by formulating tea tree extract with difenoconzaole. Together, these active ingredients provide nine mechanisms of activity for preventive, anti-sporulant and double kick-back curative control of fungal and bacterial disease in a wide range of crops. The result is a highly effective crop protection solution that enhances plant growth, boosts yield, reduces chemical load, and—as a member of the new FRAC Group BM01—works to limit resistance development, all with only one residue.

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