VERDEPRYN is one of the best solutions for Spotted Wing Drosophila control

VERDEPRYN® 100SL insecticide is a top performer and the #1 diamide insecticide for protecting cherries and berries from Spotted Wing Drosophila in California, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon and Washington.

This is according to a new USDA-funded poll conducted by researchers from the University of Maine and the University of Michigan. The poll surveyed entomologists and industry stakeholders in ten states, who consistently ranked VERDERPYN as one of the best ways to control Spotted Wing Drosophila.

Importantly, VERDEPRYN was the top-ranked diamide insecticide in the poll. This is further proof that VERDEPRYN is the perfect fit for effective pest management programs that keep resistance in check.

However, VERDEPRYN offers more than just proven protection from Spotted Wing Drosophila for stone fruit, berries and grapes. It is an excellent broad-spectrum insecticide that can deliver remarkable control of many other key insect pests, including:

  • Codling Moth
  • Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Plum Curculio
  • Grape Berry Moth
  • Obliquebanded Leafroller
  • Omnivorous Leafroller
  • Japanese Beetle
  • And many more

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Eric Tedford presents HARVANTA at a Reduced Rate for Colorado Potato Beetle Control

SummitAgro USA recently received a FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for HARVANTA 50SL insecticide to control Colorado Potato Beetle at a lower rate. In the short video below, SummitAgro R&D Manager Dr. Eric Tedford goes over essential information about Colorado Potato Beetle, and presents trial data demonstrating the value gained by potato growers when using HARVANTA at the reduced rate to control this pest.

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HARVANTA and VERDEPRYN Insecticides Now Registered for Use in California

SummitAgro USA is pleased to announce that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation has recently granted registration approval for two insecticides containing the active ingredient CYCLAPRYN. These ground- breaking insecticides are HARVANTA and VERDEPRYN.

These IRAC 28 insecticides provide California growers with new tools for broad spectrum control of chewing and sucking insects in high-value crops. HARVANTA is labeled for leafy, fruiting and brassica (cole) vegetables along with cucurbits and strawberries. While VERDEPRYN is labeled for tree and fruit crops including pome fruit, stone fruit, grapes, berries, citrus and tree nuts.

“Both HARVANTA and VERDEPRYN benefit from the activity of CYCLAPRYN,” explained Eric Tedford, SummitAgro field R&D manager. “They are diamide insecticides that offer a control spectrum that is competitive with, or better than, most other diamide insecticides. For some pests, HARVANTA and VERDEPRYN provide adulticidal and larvicidal activity. In addition, HARVANTA and VERDEPRYN are fast acting with long residual control.”

SummitAgro USA launches solutions-centric website plus introduces VERDEPRYN insecticide and TIMOREX ACT fungicide

DURHAM, NC – SummitAgro USA proudly announces the launch of its new website designed from the ground up to be a solutions-centric tool for growers, dealers, consultants and PCAs.

“We surveyed our customers and distribution partners about website resources. What we found was that these other sites tend to be product-focused in their approach,” said Bill Lewis, SummitAgro CEO. “We wanted our website to be an easily searchable tool that allows users to quickly and simply get answers for the control of the specific pests threatening their particular crops. This mobile-friendly website fits with SummitAgro’s overall strategy of bringing the market a unique mix of conventional and biological offerings.”

In order to achieve this, a robust database drives the site’s search function. It catalogs multiple diseases, insects and weeds for over 600 crops. This makes the SummitAgro website among the most comprehensive, easy-to-use sites in the industry.

The site can be accessed at

In addition to the launch of the new website, SummitAgro has brought to market two new products — VERDEPRYN 100SL insecticide and TIMOREX ACT fungicide.

VERDEPRYN insecticide allows growers to maximize both yields and crop quality by providing exceptional broad-spectrum insect control in pome fruit, stone fruit, grapes, berries, tree nuts and citrus. “We have been pleased with the results seen with HARVANTA insecticide in vegetable crops. Now we can bring that same successful active ingredient — CYCLAPRYN® — to additional crops in the form of VERDEPRYN,” said Mary DeMers, SummitAgro marketing manager for insecticides and fungicides. “VERDEPRYN is a Group 28 insecticide with a control spectrum that is competitive with, or better than, most currently available diamide insecticides and does so with much less active ingredient.”

A purely organic formulation, TIMOREX ACT is a botanical broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative and curative activity based on an extract of the tree tea plant. “An OMRI-listed product, TIMOREX ACT is poised to meet the rigorous standards for sustainable agriculture,” said Fred Yates, SummitAgro marketing manager for biologicals.

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Seipasa and SummitAgro USA Sign an Alliance to Distribute SEICAN Biopesticide in the USA

Seipasa, the Spanish international company specializing in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, and SummitAgro USA, dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the crop protection market, are announcing an agreement for the distribution and market development of SEICAN botanical-based biopesticide throughout the USA. 

Under this agreement, SummitAgro USA will market and sell the product formulated and developed by Seipasa. Seican is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is OMRI certified. 

Seican presents a dual mode of action as insecticide and acaricide. Developed from a formulation based on substances of botanical origin, Seican provides high efficacy at low doses and is ideally suited for IPM, organic farming and sustainable programs. 

Seican is also suitable for resistance management and presents a PHI of 0 days. The product enters the US market to provide farmers with a new and effective biological tool for pest control. 

Pedro Peleato, CEO of Seipasa, claimed that “the agreement between Seipasa and SummitAgro USA is a further step in Seipasa’s strategy to access new markets by obtaining new biopesticide registrations. The United States is a key market in our international expansion and SummitAgro USA is an excellent partner to strengthen our position and make progress in the generation of profitable, sustainable and effective solutions for farmers”.

Bill Lewis, President and CEO of SummitAgro USA, also commented,” SummitAgro is very excited for the opportunity to work with Seipasa.  The addition of Seican to the existing strong SummitAgro brand family allows SummitAgro to add an excellent biological miticide/insecticide to our strong brand family. We are confident that in coordination with our exclusive distribution partners, Helena Agri Enterprises and the Tenkoz Member Companies, we will be able to effectively deliver Seican to growers across the USA. We are very happy to represent Seican in the US crop protection market”. 

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HARVANTA® 50SL Gives Vegetable Growers a New Option for Broad Spectrum Insect Control

SummitAgro USA announces EPA approval of HARVANTA® 50SL insecticide, now available to U.S. vegetable growers for use on fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, leafy vegetables and brassica (cole) vegetables.

Containing the proprietary active ingredient CYCLAPRYN®, HARVANTA 50SL is a new broad-spectrum diamide insecticide. HARVANTA 50SL has consistently demonstrated equal or superior control of the most troublesome insects in vegetables, compared to existing diamides and other classes of insecticides, including pests resistant to organophosphate, pyrethroid and carbamate insecticides. Trials show that it has excellent efficacy against Lepidoptera insects, including Diamondback moth, a major economic pest in vegetables.

HARVANTA 50SL provides this high level of control while using less active ingredient per acre as compared to other IRAC Group 28 insecticides. It has an excellent safety profile with beneficial arthropods.

“We are proud to first bring this new chemistry to the United States,” says Fred Yates, product manager at SummitAgro USA.  “We think vegetable growers will find multiple benefits.  In addition to a broad spectrum of activity it is fast acting, with long residual control. HARVANTA has also shown excellent larvicidal activity with adulticidal activity in many insect species. It is an excellent addition to their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Insect Resistance Management (IRM) programs.”

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HARVANTA® 50SL insecticide is distributed in the USA by SummitAgro USA LLC, and sold exclusively through Tenkoz member companies and Helena Chemical Company. For more information, visit or call your local Tenkoz or Helena representative.   HARVANTA 50SL will initially be available to vegetable growers in the Eastern US, with a national distribution planned for the 2018 crop year.