Testimonial Video: Using REGEV Hybrid Fungicide for Vegetable Disease Control

REGEV hybrid fungicide continues to deliver remarkable results in the field for many vegetable crops. In this video, researcher Gary Cloud, owner of GLC Consulting in Quitman, Georgia, offers his firsthand experience using REGEV to control a variety of diseases in vegetables.

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Plot size can influence yield benefits from fungicides

Fungicides are often evaluated in small-plot trials that are effective for assessment of disease control, but not very effective for assessment of true potential yield benefit.

Summit Agro USA R&D Manager Dr. Eric Tedford co-authored an article published in the journal Crop Protection investigating this question of whether plot size has an effect on the yield benefit of foliar fungicides. 

The authors’ research found evidence to support the idea that larger plots are more reflective of yield benefits that growers might recognize from fungicides compared to smaller plots. This is important for growers to remember when assessing fungicide yield data as they choose crop protection solutions.

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Eric Tedford presents HARVANTA at a Reduced Rate for Colorado Potato Beetle Control

SummitAgro USA recently received a FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for HARVANTA 50SL insecticide to control Colorado Potato Beetle at a lower rate. In the short video below, SummitAgro R&D Manager Dr. Eric Tedford goes over essential information about Colorado Potato Beetle, and presents trial data demonstrating the value gained by potato growers when using HARVANTA at the reduced rate to control this pest.

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Eric Tedford Delivers Presentation on RANMAN for Late Blight Control in Potatoes

Concerned about protecting your potato crop from Late Blight this season? RANMAN 400SC Fungicide offers remarkable control of this economically damaging disease. Learn how RANMAN can strengthen your efforts to fight Late Blight with this short video presentation by Dr. Eric Tedford, R&D Manager at Summit Agro USA.



Its unique chemistry makes RANMAN the perfect choice to include in your disease resistance management program. This is possible because of its compatibility with a wide range of fungicides.  RANMAN provides excellent protection against pink rot, Downy mildew, cavity spot and late blight. With it being the only fungicide in Group 21 RANMAN makes for an ideal resistance management tool.

Expanded RANMAN® 400SC Label

This season, growers of onions, garlic, chives, and shallots can add a powerful and unique fungicide to their disease resistance management programs. RANMAN® 400SC fungicide from SummitAgro USA is now registered for control of downy mildew in bulb vegetables.

“Downy mildew can devastate a crop,” says Fred Yates, SummitAgro marketing manager. “The fungus overwinters in bulbs left in the field or in cull piles, and when conditions are favorable, it produces spores that infect the leaves of onion plants. The disease may spread rapidly, leading to reduced bulb size and storage rot. However, this year, bulb farmers will have a new powerful tool—with RANMAN.

RANMAN’s unique chemistry makes it ideal for disease resistance management programs that use either alternation or mixture strategies. A zero-day pre-harvest interval (PHI) allows application up to the day of harvest, for exceptional crop management flexibility, maximum yield, and profitability.

“As the only fungicide with a FRAC group 21 designation, RANMAN is in a class of its own,” says Yates. “It’s powerful and effective. It’s compatible with a wide range of fungicides. And it’s proven effective across many crops. Summit is proud that we can now make it available to bulb growers.”

The new use registration includes all members of the Bulb Vegetable Crop Group 3-07. This group includes: Chive, fresh leaves; chive, Chinese fresh leaves; daylily, bulb; elegans hosta; fritillaria, bulb and leaves; garlic, bulb; garlic, great-headed, bulb; garlic, serpent, bulb; kurrat; lady’s leek; leek; leek, wild; lily, bulb; onion, Beltsville bunching; onion, bulb; onion, Chinese, bulb; onion, fresh; onion, green; onion, macrostem; onion, pearl; onion, potato, bulb; onion, tree, tops; onion, Welsh, tops; shallot, bulb; shallot, fresh leaves; cultivars, varieties, and/or hybrids of these.

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RANMAN fungicide is available exclusively through Tenkoz member companies and Helena Chemical Company. For more information, visit www.summitagro-usa.com or call your local Tenkoz or Helena representative.

Summit Welcomes Two New Team Members

SummitAgro USA, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members as of January 1st, 2016.

Paul Lyon will take on the new role of National Accounts Manager for the US. Paul has extensive experience in the Crop Protection Industry with over 25 years of proven success in Sales, Marketing and National Account Management at Ciba Geigy and Micro Flo/BASF. He has also successfully been involved in the start-up and management of new businesses at Etigra and most recently Tacoma Ag. 

Jim Sturges will take on the new role of Regional Manager Western Business Unit. Jim has over 36 years in the Crop Protection Industry and the T&O Industry performing in various positions in Sales, Marketing, Field Development and Key Account Management at Elanco, Dow AgroSciences and most recently AMVAC. Jim will office out of his home in Roseville, California.

Summit is excited to have these two experienced individuals join our team to help give our customers the support they need to launch the new products starting to come out of our pipeline!

Two New Marketing Managers

SummitAgro USA LLC is pleased to welcome two new Marketing Managers, Jon Forbis and Fred Yates, to our growing organization.

Jon Forbis will serve as the Marketing Manager for our Herbicide and Off-Patent Product Portfolio.  Jon has over 15 years of experiences in the Crop Protection Industry performing in various positions in Information Systems, Product Development and Marketing at Syngenta, Arysta and most recently at Amvac.

Fred Yates will serve as the Marketing Manager for our Fungicide and Insecticide Product Portfolio. Fred has extensive experience in the Crop Protection Industry with over 30 years of proven success in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Dow, ICI, Zeneca and most recently at Syngenta.

Summit is excited to be moving forward with such dynamic and experienced folks spearheading our expanding and innovative product portfolio. Both gentlemen will be located in Summit’s Durham office. 

RANMAN® 400SC Fungicide Now Available

RANMAN® 400SC fungicide, the only fungicide with a FRAC group 21 designation, is now part of the innovative SummitAgro portfolio, distributed exclusively through Helena Chemical Company and Tenkoz.

We’ve stepped up production this season, because downy mildew and late blight control along with resistance management are a big deal to our growers,” says Wade Stewart, SummitAgro vice president of sales and development. “SummitAgro is proud to be in a position to address their concerns with RANMAN, which provides highly effective control and prevention.”

Containing the active ingredient cyazofamid, RANMAN is active at all stages of the disease cycle to provide protection against the Oomycete diseases, like Downy mildew, Late blight, and Pythium in cucurbits, potatoes, brassicas, lettuce, carrots and other crops.

“RANMAN is in a class of its own,” says Stewart. “Growers know they can count on this unique chemistry—available only through SummitAgro—for outstanding performance and to manage resistance with fewer pounds on the ground.”

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Sold exclusively through Tenkoz member companies and Helena Chemical Company, RANMAN fungicide is packaged in 1-gallon and 1-quart sizes to meet grower needs. For more information, call your local Tenkoz Distributor Member or Helena representative.