Traject™ 4SC: Proven Performance in Convenient Liquid

SummitAgro USA is pleased to introduce TRAJECT™ 4SC—the only liquid Cloransulam product available in the US market.

Growers are increasingly forced to address the combined threat of managing problem weeds while simultaneously avoiding herbicide resistance. In the face of these challenges it is important to have access to tools that are both effective and flexible. Cloransulam is known to soybean growers as a highly effective tool that provides one of the widest possible application windows on soybeans.

But with SummitAgro USA’s new liquid Cloransulam formulation, the bar has been raised further by providing growers the convenience of a liquid formulation.

Wade Stewart, VP of Sales and Development at SummitAgro USA, is excited about the benefits of TRAJECT 4SC. “Growers have always appreciated that Cloransulam is effective at both pre- and post- timings on soybeans, but I think Growers will be especially pleased by how easy this new liquid formulation is to mix and use in the field” offered Stewart.

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TRAJECT 4SC is a trademark of SummitAgro USA LLC. (U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending)

TRAJECT 4SC is an EPA-registered product. Please refer to your state regulatory authority for specific state registration status.