RANMAN® 400SC Fungicide Now Available

RANMAN® 400SC fungicide, the only fungicide with a FRAC group 21 designation, is now part of the innovative SummitAgro portfolio, distributed exclusively through Helena Chemical Company and Tenkoz.

We’ve stepped up production this season, because downy mildew and late blight control along with resistance management are a big deal to our growers,” says Wade Stewart, SummitAgro vice president of sales and development. “SummitAgro is proud to be in a position to address their concerns with RANMAN, which provides highly effective control and prevention.”

Containing the active ingredient cyazofamid, RANMAN is active at all stages of the disease cycle to provide protection against the Oomycete diseases, like Downy mildew, Late blight, and Pythium in cucurbits, potatoes, brassicas, lettuce, carrots and other crops.

“RANMAN is in a class of its own,” says Stewart. “Growers know they can count on this unique chemistry—available only through SummitAgro—for outstanding performance and to manage resistance with fewer pounds on the ground.”

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Sold exclusively through Tenkoz member companies and Helena Chemical Company, RANMAN fungicide is packaged in 1-gallon and 1-quart sizes to meet grower needs. For more information, call your local Tenkoz Distributor Member or Helena representative.

SummitAgro USA LLC, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, is dedicated to providing unique chemistry to address the crop protection challenges facing high value growers.

Helena Chemical Company, headquartered outside of Memphis in Collierville, Tennessee, is one of the nation’s foremost agricultural and specialty formulators and distributors in the United States.

Tenkoz, headquartered in North Metro Atlanta, is the largest distribution entity for crop protection products in the United States.

RANMAN is a registered trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

RANMAN is an EPA-registered product. Please refer to your state regulatory authority for specific state registration status.

Fred Yates
Marketing Manager
SummitAgro USA LLC