Upcoming Products

Cyclaniliprole Pending U.S. EPA Registration

Active Ingredient (AI): IKI-​3106
Classified as a Diamide in IRAC Group 28

IKI-3106 is an upcoming insecticide with ​broad spectrum insecticidal activity​. It will control​ moths, thrips, flies, beetles, and others​. IKI-3106 will be highly active against Lepidoptera with no cross resistance to other insecticides. ​One of the key benefits of IKI-3106 will be it's ecotoxicological profile with respect to beneficial organisms and the environment,

Tolpyralate Pending U.S. EPA Registration

Active Ingredient (AI): SL-573
Classified as an HPPD inhibitor

SL-573 is an upcoming herbicide with ​broad-spectrum activity on grasses and broadleaf weeds​. Effective against glyphosate resistanct weeds, SL-573 will control many weed species​,​​ all while providing excellent crop safety. Low use rate with flexibility as a tank-mix partner will be two key benefits of SL-573.