Upcoming Products

Pyriofenone Pending U.S. EPA Registration

Active Ingredient (AI): IKF-309
Classified in FRAC Group U8

IFK-309 is an upcoming fungicide that will provide control of powdery mildew. With preventative, early stage and locally systemic propertie, IKF-309 will be active against isolates that are resistant to other fungicides. The initial label (pending U.S. EPA registration) will focus on cucurbits and small berries.

Cyclaniliprole Pending U.S. EPA Registration

Active Ingredient (AI): IKI-​3106
Classified as a Diamide in IRAC Group 28

IKI-3106 is an upcoming insecticide with ​broad spectrum insecticidal activity​. It will control​ moths, thrips, flies, beetles, and others​. IKI-3106 will be highly active against Lepidoptera with no cross resistance to other insecticides. ​One of the key benefits of IKI-3106 will be it's ecotoxicological profile with respect to beneficial organisms and the environment,

Tolpyralate Pending U.S. EPA Registration

Active Ingredient (AI): SL-573
Classified as an HPPD inhibitor

SL-573 is an upcoming herbicide with ​broad-spectrum activity on grasses and broadleaf weeds​. Effective against glyphosate resistanct weeds, SL-573 will control many weed species​,​​ all while providing excellent crop safety. Low use rate with flexibility as a tank-mix partner will be two key benefits of SL-573.