Unmatched range of performance benefits from a broad-spectrum diamide insecticide
An exceptional option for effective control of key insect problems: VERDEPRYN™ insecticide.

Driven by its active ingredient — CYCLAPRYN® — VERDEPRYN is a Group 28 diamide insecticide that provides broad-spectrum insect control that maximizes both yield and crop quality for growers of stone fruit, pome fruit, berries, small fruit, grapes, tree nuts and citrus.

For use in these crops, VERDEPRYN delivers a control spectrum that is competitive with, or superior to, all currently available diamide insecticides with much less active ingredient. Plus, VERDEPRYN has shown excellent efficacy against Lepidopteran pests.

Performance Summary

  • Broad spectrum insect control across crops and insects
  • Utilizes less active ingredient per acre compared to other Group 28 insecticides
  • Excellent safety profile for beneficial arthropods
  • Excellent partner for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs
  • Fast acting on contact and ingestion with long residual control
  • Larvicidal and adulticidal activity in many species separating it from other diamide insecticides

Is VERDEPRYN right for your insect program?

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Registered crops:

Stone Fruit


Pome Fruit




Berries & Small Fruit


Tree Nuts



Stone Fruit Sell Sheet
Pome Fruit Sell Sheet
Grapes & Berries Sell Sheet
Tree Nuts Sell Sheet
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