A natural botanical broad spectrum fungicide with preventative and curative activity based on the extract of the tea tree plant.

With its multiple modes of action, TIMOREX GOLD is effective against a broad spectrum of ascomycete and bacterial plant diseases like Powdery Mildew, Early Blight, Botrytis and more, in a wide range of vegetable and fruit crops.

The active ingredient in TIMOREX GOLD is based on more than 100 compounds some of which work synergistically, while others offer diverse modes of action. The result of these compounds is a product with multiple modes of actions that disrupt the fungal cell membrane and destroy the cell walls. This unique MOA resulted in a new FRAC code (46) making it an ideal partner in resistance management.

The active ingredient in TIMOREX GOLD also impacts the plant’s defense processes, reducing the energy required to build its defense response. When a plant is attacked by disease, it activates its immune system, building crystalline structures inside cell walls. When TIMOREX GOLD is used, an attacked plant can divert energy to growth and yield instead of defense processes.

TIMOREX GOLD is labeled for a wide variety of high value fruit and vegetable crops, including grapes, leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, berries, vines, tree nuts, tropicals and cucurbits.


Benefits of TIMOREX GOLD

  • Multiple modes of action
  • Control of a wide range of plant pathogens, particularly bacterial and ascomycete diseases
  • Resistance management
  • No residues; no MRL
  • Zero toxic load
  • Easily adapted into sustainable and IPM practices
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Non-persistent in the environment
  • Minimal PPE required


Modes of Action

The active ingredient of TIMOREX GOLD is based on the extract of the tea tree plant (Melaluca alternifolia) containing over 100 compounds. Some of these compounds work synergistically; some offer diverse modes of action. Disruption of the fungal cell membrane and destruction of the cell walls result in lower levels of fungal hyphae within the intercellular space of the mesophyll tissue followed by the loss of cytoplasm, which ultimately causes the death of fungal cells.

The complex active ingredient in TIMOREX GOLD:

  • Disrupts cell membranes, causing cell destruction

  • Affects fungal pathogen mitochondria and respiration

  • Appears to interfere with bacterial pathogen virulence by confusing quorum sensing

  • Affects Intrinsic Plant Activity, allowing the plant to focus energy of increased growth and yield

  • Inhibits spore germination in some pathogens and suppresses hyphal growth in other pathogens

Is TIMOREX GOLD right for your disease management program?

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