Put an End to Powdery Mildew.
Introducing PROLIVO® 300SC fungicide. A new powdery mildew fungicide from Summit Agro USA.

Now available for use in wine grapes, table grapes, raisins, berries, small climbing fruit, and cucurbit vegetables, PROLIVO® protects your crop by offering:

  • Excellent preventative activity; stopping powdery mildew at the onset of the disease epidemic
  • Additional disease protection to untreated leaf and fruit surfaces, through redistribution on the leaf surface and vapor activity
  • Inhibition of lesion formation and preventing sporulation
  • Excellent rainfastness

You can count on PROLIVO® to protect your crop, enhancing yields and quality.

Used as a preventative treatment, apply PROLIVO® beginning with initial flowering, 
or when conditions are favorable for disease development. PROLIVO can be used at rates of 4–5 fluid ounces per acre on a 14 day spray schedule in grapes and similar vine climbing fruits dependent on disease conditions. For Cucurbits, strawberries and similar low growing berries PROLIVO may be used on a 7-10 day schedule.

PROLIVO activity can be improved with the addition of an organosilicant, non-ionic, or mixture adjuvant when used at the rates specified on the adjuvant label.

Make PROLIVO a key part of your powdery mildew disease control program today.

Is PROLIVO fungicide right for your operation?
Contact Summit Agro USA at 984-260-0407.

Registered crops and disease targets:


Powdery mildew


Powdery mildew



(including strawberries and other berry crops)

Powdery mildew






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