New broad-spectrum diamide insecticide offers an unmatched range of performance benefits
Now vegetable growers have an exceptional new option for effective control of their key insect problems: HARVANTA® 50SL insecticide.

Driven by CYCLAPRYN®, a new active ingredient, HARVANTA is a new Group 28 diamide insecticide that provides vegetable growers with broad-spectrum insect control allowing them to maximize yield and crop quality. 

For use in leafy vegetables, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables and Brassica (cole) vegetable crops, HARVANTA delivers a control spectrum that is competitive with, or superior to, all currently available diamide insecticides with much less active ingredient. Plus, HARVANTA has shown excellent efficacy against Lepidopteran pests.

Performance Summary

  • Broad spectrum insect control across crops and insects
  • Utilizes less active ingredient/acre compared to other Group 28 insecticides
  • Excellent safety profile for beneficial arthropods
  • Excellent partner for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs
  • Fast acting on contact and ingestion with long residual control
  • Larvicidal and adulticidal activity in many species separating it from other diamide insecticides

Is HARVANTA right for your insect management program?

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Registered crops and key insect targets:


Cucumber beetle

Squash bugs


Cotton/melon aphid


Fruiting Vegetables





Pepper Weevil

Brassica (cole) Vegetables

Diamondback Moth

Imported cabbage worm


Flea beetles


Leafy (non-brassica) Vegetables

Diamondback Moth

Imported cabbage worm


Flea beetles


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