Maximize disease control and resistance management by combining two powerful active ingredients
FERVENT® is a valuable tool to help you improve yield and quality in grapes and almonds

FERVENT® 475SC fungicide combines two effective active ingredients to give you an ideal alternative for the control of key almond and grape diseases. FERVENT combines the outstanding preventative disease fighting ability, excellent rainfastness, and translaminar movement of KENJA® fungicide—one of the market’s most recent SDHI fungicides—with the proven curative activity of a leading triazole fungicide, tebuconazole.  

One reason FERVENT provides this excellent disease control is because of its SDHI fungicide component, which is one of the most active in its class of chemistry. Research indicates that this SDHI has molecular flexibility and because of its unique molecular structure, it has one of the lowest potentials for the development of fungicide resistance.   

On grapes, this fungicide combination provides excellent control of Powdery Mildew, along with built-in resistance management through two different fungicide modes of action. The SDHI fungicide component of FERVENT provides additional value through its suppression of Botrytis.

In a disease management program in grapes, the dual modes of action, providing both preventative and curative activity, make FERVENT the right partner to alternate with other Powdery Mildew products, and can fit into any slot in your fungicide program.

Or you can start with FERVENT as the first product in your spray program, and alternate it with other Powdery Mildew fungicides, such as PROLIVO® 300SC fungicide. Best of all, FERVENT delivers excellent control of Powdery Mildew on both vines and fruit.

For almond growers, FERVENT is designed to provide excellent curative and preventative control of the key diseases impacting almonds, including Brown rot blossom blight, Anthracnose, Gray Mold, and Shot hole.  FERVENT provides effective disease control to meet both early and late season needs.

Is FERVENT right for your disease management program?

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Work is currently underway to add additional crops and diseases to the FERVENT label. The product will be sold as a 275 grams isofetamid + 200 grams tebuconazole ai / liter SC formulation.

Registered crops and disease targets:


Powdery Mildew

Botrytis bunch rot*



Brown rot blossom blight


Green fruit rot (Botrytis)

Shot hole

* Suppression


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2EE Label for Almonds