A potent strain of beneficial bacteria and patented formulation create a microbial fungicide unlike any other.
AVIV is a microbial fungicide based on a patented strain of Bacillus subtilis delivering broad spectrum disease control both in soil and on plant surfaces.


AVIV is offered as a suspension concentrate (SC) produced using a patent-protected process that results in a very efficient formulation, using about 40% less product than leading competitors. AVIV’s biological nature makes it the ideal complement to both organic and conventional production programs. With no MRL and short preharvest and restricted entry intervals, AVIV can easily be integrated into production programs to improve yields and disease control results.

Powerful Strain

The active ingredient in AVIV is a powerful strain of Bacillus subtilis IAB/ BS03. The strain in AVIV is especially prolific, meaning far smaller amounts of AVIV’s AI are needed per acre than similar microbial fungicides. The unique manufacturing process of AVIV results in an endospore that is resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions such as drought, salinity, extreme pH, radiation, and solvents. AVIV can be tank-mixed with a wide variety of other crop protection products, including bactericides like copper.

Advanced Formulation

AVIV uses a patented manufacturing process to optimize the bioavailability of the product’s active ingredient. This advanced process means AVIV solubilizes completely in the spray tank, minimizing the risk of clogged application equipment and eliminating deposit on treated crops. AVIV is colorless and odorless. Most importantly, increased bioavailability of the AI means AVIV use rates are much lower than those of other Bacillus-based fungicides.

Benefits of AVIV

  • Effective against both bacterial and fungal diseases
  • One product to control both soil-borne and foliar diseases 
  • No MRL, exempt from residue tolerance Very low use rate
  • Approved for greenhouse and aerial use
  • Restricted-entry interval (REI) of 4 hours
  • Pre-harvest interval (PHI) of 0 days
  • For use in conventional, sustainable and organic production models 


AVIV is labeled for a wide variety of high value fruit and vegetable crops, including grapes, leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, berries and cucurbits. 

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Is AVIV right for your disease management program?

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Diseases Controlled

  • Rot diseases like BotrytisSclerotinia
    and Monolinia

  • Powdery Mildews

  • Downy Mildews

  • Apple scab (Venturia inequalis)

  • Bacterial diseases like Xanthomonas,
    PseudomonasClavibacter and Erwinia

  • Late blight (Phytophthora infestans)

  • Anthracnose

  • Alternaria

  • Soil diseases like RhizoctoniaPythium,
    Phytophthora and Verticillium

AVIV is effective against a wide spectrum of fungal and bacterial diseases, both in the soil and on the surface of plants. AVIV should be applied preventatively, when climactic conditions favor the development of disease. See label for a complete list of registerd crops and diseases controlled. 


Sell Sheet
Berry Data Sheet
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Leafy Vegetable Data Sheet
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