KENJA® 400SC Fungicide

Now strawberry growers can get more berries to market – and onto kitchen tables – with KENJA fungicide, a new product from Summit Agro USA.

A group 7 fungicide, KENJA’s chemistry is scientifically designed to minimize resistance potential and maximize sellable yield, fending off gray mold from the field to the packing house. Already proven to provide in-season disease control in high value crops including lettuce, canola, almonds and grapes, a harvest day application of KENJA can add two or more days to post harvest strawberries.


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MISSION® Herbicide

MISSION is different—providing powerful pre-emergence and post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds and grasses. Since the active ingredient, flazasulfuron, is absorbed through the root and foliage of plants, MISSION acts quickly, offering:

  • Early post-emergence control of difficult weed species
  • Long-lasting residual control with a low application rate of only ounces per acre
  • Flexible application timing (fall, winter and spring)*
  • Compatibility with many burndown products*
  • Solid resistance management option

Already proven in Europe, MISSION is now available to U.S growers, exclusively through Helena Chemical Company and Tenkoz member companies.

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RANMAN® 400SC Fungicide

With a unique chemistry, RANMAN is the only fungicide with a group 21 designation, making it the perfect choice for your disease resistance management program, providing:

  • Excellent preventive disease control
  • Fungicide resistance management in mixtures or alternation programs
  • Demonstrated compatibility with a wide range of fungicides
  • Flexibility regardiing harvest with a 0-day PHI on many crops

RANMAN provides proven protection against pink rot, downy mildew, cavity spot and late blight, working in potatoes, cucurbits, carrots, brassicas and lettuce.

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