You work the fields.

We’ll work out the rest.

There’s no other career like farming. Only after a full year of hard labor, thankless chores, unpredictable weather, devastating pests, yield-robbing disease, emerging resistance, and volatile markets, does a grower finally, finally see a payoff.

We are here to see that they get it. We’re Summit Agro USA, and we are focused on working with our partners to identify and develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of Growers across the United States.

We think big – and our chemistry shows it. Our products aren’t like any others on the market. But we’re still true to our roots – which means you can count on us to work with you and to listen to you – 365 days a year.

So you go ahead and work the fields. We’ll help you work out the rest.

Our Leadership Team
Headquartered in Durham, NC

Bill Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
With more than 25 years of international agrochemical management expertise, Bill has a reputation for thinking outside the box, providing growers and distributors with innovative products, much-needed solutions, and measurable results. An entrepreneur at heart, is direct, consultative, and passionate about the role Summit Agro can play in the success of its partners and growers.

Ryan McCue
Chief Financial Officer
Ryan brings a wealth of experience to Summit Agro USA having held senior positions in both Finance and Supply chain, and is looking forward to using that experience to serve customers. "Despite a number of years in the industry, I have never had the opportunity to work with a company that utilizes a Limited Distribution model. With all of the changes underway resulting from the latest round of consolidation, I strongly believe the Limited Distribution approach is a concept whose time has come again."

Wade Stewart
Vice President of Sales & Development
Wade’s been out “in the field” since junior high school, where he worked on a farm in the Mississippi Delta. Ever since, he’s been in the business of helping growers, reps and distributors meet their goals. He even earned a degree in agronomy. Dedicated and determined, Wade likes being in the role of “the underdog,” pointing out that Summit Agro’s size, agility and focus positions the company to act swiftly and in the best interest of American growers.

Yoshiaki “Yoshi” Hishitani
Executive Vice President
A native of Japan, Yoshi brings a powerful sense of balance, respect, and contemplation to the Summit Agro team. Although quick to embrace and appreciate the different strengths of Japanese and American businesses, Yoshi’s goal for Summit Agro is absolute – doing whatever is necessary to contribute to the success of American growers.

Paul Lyon
National Accounts Manager
Paul grew up in cotton and soybean country in the Mississippi Delta, earned a degree in agribusiness from Mississippi State (Go Bulldogs!), and has been in the ag industry ever since. Now, with 28 years (and counting) experience, Paul asserts that a trusting business relationship is at the heart of every successful partnership. “What drew me to Summit Agro was our team, our business model, and our portfolio. All three help me bring real value to our customers. In my eyes, that is a win-win – a true partnership.”

Jim Sturges
Regional Manager, Western Business Unit
It took 30+ years, but in Summit Agro, Jim found what he was looking for – an ag company genuinely dedicated to new chemistry, value-added products, and partnership. “This is the real deal,” says Jim. “I’ve seen some phenomenal operations over the years. I’ve been on a farm or a ranch in all 50 states. But now, I’m situated to solve real problems – and create real opportunities – for our partners.” Honest, straightforward, and dedicated to his accounts, Jim works out of his home in California.

Fred Yates
Marketing Manager - Fungicides/Insecticides
After he'd enjoyed an immensely successful ag manufacturing career spanning sales, advertising, product management, and brand management around the world, only one thing could pull Fred Yates out of retirement - Summit Agro USA. "To have the opportunity to come into a company in the early stages of its life - a company like Summit Agro that's dedicated to 'collaborating with,' and not 'dictating to,' its partners and growers -- is something anyone would get excited about."

Jon Forbis
Marketing Manager - Herbicides/Off-Patent Portfolio
Jon has a wealth of experience working at both large and small agrochemical companies, but he believes Summit Agro USA is the best of both worlds. “We are fortunate to not only have access to the latest in newly-developed proprietary chemistry, but also a significant number of off-patent products that complement and extend our proprietary portfolio. When you combine that with a limited-distribution model, it makes for a very unique opportunity.”

Tomoshige Yamagata
Product Manager
A keen observer with an international perspective, Tomo’s cultural insights add a unique dimension to the Summit Agro team. His unwavering focus on teamwork and partnership can be traced to his Japanese heritage.